Patreon is a service that works well with broadcasters and community managers if implemented correctly.

Earlier this morning Patreon announced their integration with Discord, which plans to provide an even better experience with your most loyal community members.

We spoke to Patreon Community Manager Nathan Stanz about the new Discord integration, how streamers can utilize Patreon as a means to garner a steady income, good examples of broadcasters that use Patreon, and more.

Interview by: Matt

Streamer News: As many broadcasters have come to realize, it can be challenging to have a steady way to monetize their stream. How does Patreon work and how can it help broadcasters in particular?

Nathan: We agree it can be hard to monetize, especially as a game streamer. Patreon gives streamers a way to build their monthly income by rewarding the viewers that care the most. Whether you want to highlight top patrons on your live stream, connect one on one with your supporters, or build a stronger community in Discord, we want to make it happen.

Streamer News: What was the inspiration behind Patreon teaming up with Discord? Why is Discord a great fit with Patreon?

Nathan: Discord integration has been far and away the most requested feature by game streamers on Patreon. We even have a large number doing the server maintenance manually! Our goal was to help out the streamers on Patreon as well as make it easy for any new streamers to reward their biggest supporters.

Discord has been wonderful to work with and really fits in well with what we care about at Patreon. Eros Resmini, CMO of Discord said this about the integration: “We’re stoked. We hope to see happier fans with this integration which, ultimately, means a healthier wallet for the content creator trying to live their dream. It’s a win-win”.

Streamer News: We know some broadcasters have jumped the gun and created some extremely successful Patreon pages — RollPlay comes to mind. What percentage of Patreon pages are broadcasters? Why should more broadcasters consider using Patreon?

Nathan: JP and Adam from RollPlay are fantastic and I am ecstatic I was able to work with them on their campaign. Gaming has been a wildly successful category on Patreon with creators like the Easy Allies crew and Kinda Funny, and I think RollPlay serves as another example of why Twitch streamers should be joining the platform.

Streamer News: We could see broadcasters getting creative with the ways they could utilize the integration. What do you recommend they should do in order to stand out?

Nathan: There are so many ways to customize your community Discord server with roles, but the creators that have the most success will be those that create perks that their community is asking for.

Do your viewers want to play games with you? Tie it into a patronage tier and give them access to a locked voice server in Discord. Do they want to choose to voice their opinion on the games you are playing? Create a new room where they can vote on future titles. Or just give them custom colors and move them to the top of the Discord member list!

Streamer News: Streaming and content creation, as an industry, has started to grow tremendously over the past few years. Patreon has been tailoring their newly added features and integrations toward that industry as of late, what are your plans for future updates? Can broadcasters expect more to come?

Nathan: While we can’t let the cat out of the bag regarding exactly what we are working on, broadcasters definitely can expect more integrations coming down the pipeline.

If you are a Twitch streamer and are curious about Patreon, shoot me an email – [email protected] I’m happy to help!

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