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Streamer News is a team that consists of content creators, social strategists, and community members who deliver the most up-to-date content in the streaming community. Our philosophy behind the website is to announce and archive all broadcasters, events, and interactions that happen within the community. A few years from now, our hope is that new community members can look back through the timeline and see which broadcasters were paving the way for the greater good of the industry.

From the beginning of the Streamer News, we have always been community-driven, but we also vow to give as much privacy as possible to streamers we represent and stick to publicly-acknowledged facts as the type of content we promote. Ethics, professionalism, and community.

We would like to thank the community for the continued support! Without you, there would be no Streamer News.


Our Team



Chris – Founder & Editor-in-Chief    

Chris enjoys long walks on the beach and is looking for that special someone who understands him on every level, our astute and fearless leader.


Mark (Baplad) – Managing Editor / Designer / Developer / Fixes Everything    

Mark is the foundation that the team relies on when they break something on the site or get locked out of their accounts, a true scholar and a gentleman.


Jacob (Pineapples) – Business Manager 

Jacob is a pineapple aficionado, a pineapple connoisseur of sorts. If you have any lift threatening situations involving pineapples… please don’t hesitate to get in touch with him.

Hurthe – Writer   

Hurthe is Hurthe is Hurthe is Hurthe is Hurthe? I guess Hurthe is Hurthe



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