TwitchCon 2016

TwitchCon 2016 Day 3 – H1Z1 Invitational

The H1Z1® Invitational is a frenzied kill-or-be-killed spectacle, in which every player has one goal in mind: be the last one standing. At last year’s inaugural Invitational, more than 356K unique viewers tuned in to watch 60 of the most popular broadcasters and players compete in King of the Kill™ Battle Royale matches for a chance to win their share of more than $173,000 USD in prize money. Visit the game’s website,, for the list of competitors, ways to compete, and more. Follow @H1Z1KotK on Twitter to track our #Road2TwitchCon.

Panel Hosts: Summit1g, GoldGlove, Trick2g, IIJERiiCHOII, GassyMexican, Ellohime, Lirik, Towelliee, Sp4zie, Anthony_Kongphan, Mightymouseufc125, JoshOG, OPscT, ANGRYPUG_, CDNThe3rd, witwix, stonedyooda, Ninja, Grimmmz, m0E_tv, Julia_TV, Curvyllama, ZombiUnicorn, bENITA, MsVixen, SandyRavage, LyndonFPS, inboxes, DrDisrespectLive, Seananners, Crunk_Muffin, hotted89, GrimmyBear, Aydren, Omniskills, Manpons, minitrues, HenriqueHEN1, Emzia, KillyKAPOWski, MoMaNuS, HOOWy, JerkChicken, charlespbf1, ScrewAttack, SodaPoppin, PsiSyndicate, imcoty, Nadeshot, SoVindictive, Nmplol, and FemSteph

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