TwitchCon 2016

Make A Wish: Anthony M’s Journey to TwitchCon 2016

The Twitch Community is wonderful to be a part of. It’s a place where millions of people from around the world can tune into their favorite streamers and watch simultaneously, no matter where they are located. It creates friendships and strong bonds that spill over from the internet to real life and hanging out at conventions or meet ups. In combination with its fast growth and reach, Twitch Communities build long lasting friendships and endless opportunities within each channel.

Anthony M’s Make-A-Wish was to go to TwitchCon 2016 and meet his favorite Twitch streamers (LIRIK, GiantWaffle and GoldGlove) to experience Twitch like never before. I met Anthony at Streamer Alley as we waited for Giant Waffle’s meet and greet to begin. Watching Anthony’s expression on his face as GiantWaffle approached was a heartwarming feeling; you could see the connection Anthony made with Waffle’s community. The two connected instantly, discussing memorable moments of past broadcasts and funny clips that had to be shared.

After the meet and greet, Anthony and I discussed how he stumbled across Twitch.

I was going through the Minecraft forums in 2010 and I saw a person was streaming Minecraft. His name was Carterthewc9. I started watching him everyday and eventually got mod in his chat because I watched him often. From his stream I discovered other streamers and saw that YouTubers I watched streamed also, which got me hooked.” Anthony said.

Anthony continued to tell me how his favorite part of the community is how,

Everyone can come together at anytime for a great cause. Whether it be to help a foundation or just helping a new streamer, everyone comes together to support the cause.”

It was a pleasure meeting Anthony as he’s very ambitious and even has started a Twitch Channel! You can follow his channel Spike8241 by clicking here. It’s great meeting community members like Anthony and it’s incredible how a video game streaming platform can bring people together from all around the world.


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