TwitchCon 2016

TwitchCon 2016 Day 3 – For Whom The Bell LULS: Comedy That Rocks

Comedian, Twitch partner and voice of Total War Warhammer Jeff Leach leads an all star comedy panel featuring MANvsGAME, Swiftor, Soma, FutureManGaming, and SourKoolAidShow on the art of twitch comedy. Discussing how character, parody, stand up, sketch, and chat based comedy can enhance your stream experience and help to build an audience. This is comedy that rocks!

Panel Hosts: MANvsGAME, Swiftor, FuturemanGaming, Ezekiel_III, JeffLeach, Jordan “Soma” Tayer (Twitch), and SourKoolAidShow

Click here to watch the VOD

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