TwitchCon 2016

TwitchCon 2016 Day 2 – #GameDev: Developing Games Live on Twitch

A lot has happened since the “Twitch Game Development Channels” Panel at TwitchCon 2015. Since then, the Game Development channel has been merged with Creative as #GameDev, and Twitch is putting more energy into Creative everyday. How can streaming your work help your game development? What lies in the future for #GameDev? We will discuss these and the future of Game Development on Twitch. Whether you are new to game development, new to streaming, or a seasoned veteran, do not miss this fun and invaluable panel.

Panel Hosts: BonozoApps, StarlightSkyes, QaziTV, FunnyGuy77, WilliamChyr, and Kyente

Click here to watch the VOD

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