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As we welcome 2017, we want to thank all of our readers for their continued support and feedback. You have all sculpted what Streamer News has become and paved the way for our future.

Since the beginning, our vision was to create a centralized news source that archived the history of the live streaming community. Our team has not only done an amazing job, but also helped Streamer News evolve based on feedback from our readers.

For 2017, we’ve made a few changes to Streamer News. Foremost, we started running advertisements on the website. At first readers and supporters may be hesitant, but in all honesty, as Streamer News grew, so did the costs. This allows us to maintain operations without breaking the bank.

Additionally, original content will be a main focus for the website in the new year. We will still cover streamers in the community, but we want to bring back our bi-weekly favorite broadcasters setups, our favorite Twitch Clips of the week and a few more projects that you’ll have to wait and see.

We also added new members to the Streamer News team! You can read about them on our recently re-designed team page.

Once again, thank you to all our readers and community members, without you there would not be a Streamer News.

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  • Keep them news coming! 🙂 You folks have been an totally awesome resource to keep in touch with the latest thingies happening in the streaming world. Added you folks for the unblock sites also on adblock 🙂 Couple ads here and there doesn’t hurt anyone 😀