The New Twitch Bit Chat Badge Tiers Are Now Active

Ended soon

The Twitch Bit Chat Badges allow community members to showcase how much they have Cheered in a streamers channel.

Twitch rolled out an update raising the tier of how many Bits you can Cheer. Community members can currently max out at 1 Million Bits with a one of a kind chat badge.

Twitch Partner Dethridge shared the news earlier this evening via his Twitter.

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  • This will be really confusing to anyone when there is 13 badges with different colours and the same icon. I’m pretty sure Twitch can come up with different appealing icons for each badge. It seems lazy and quite rushed in my opinion. Keep the originals but switch everything new. Take your time it’s not like we are wishing upon 12 new badges to show our support. It’s about being unique and this is no where close to being creative.