You can now use Twitch “Host Mode” and “Reactions” on Mobile

Today, Twitch released an update to their mobile app. The update allows you to use Host Mode and Reactions on mobile devices.

Hosting and Reactions on Twitch has been a widely used feature in the community, now you can take the feature on the go with the latest update!

Host Mode:

  • Type “/host Sacriel” in your channel’s chat and send your viewers to another channel, in this case Sacriel
  • type “/unhost” to stop hosting the channel
  • You may now also tap “Video Settings” to host a channel
  • When in Following view, you will now see when channels are hosting another channel


  • You can react to Channel Feed posts
  • Go to a users Channel and tap an emote to react
  • You can also tap the smiley face to select your own emote

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