You Can Now Pay For Twitch Channel Subscriptions With Major Brand Gift Cards

The Holiday’s are right around the corner which means tons of gift cards as presents. In November, Twitch added 100+ major brand gift cards as a payment towards subscriptions. As a gift to their viewers, Twitch announced that all channel subscriptions bought with an eligible gift card brand will receive a 50% discount. This offer lasts through December 25th, below are the steps on how it works.

How it works:

  • When subscribing, click the PayPal / More Methods payment option. Popular gift card brands appear individually, and you can find the full list of brands under “100+ Gift Cards”.
  • Select this option and enter your gift card details, and you’ll see the Twitch balance that you can receive by trading it in. (Gift cards are resold on a marketplace, so your reclaim value will be lower than the original gift card balance).

via Twitch Blog

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