What to Watch on Twitch For PAX South 2016

Not attending PAX South 2016? It’s all good, we’ve pulled together the important panels to watch live on Twitch! Below you can find the dates and times. If you miss out, we will post the Twitch VOD once it is available.

ALL TIMES ARE Central Standard Time

2:00 PM: Partner Spotlight: TigerWriter [] 3:15 PM: Partner Spotlight: iKasperr [] 3:30 PM: Twitch Town Hall [] 5:00 PM: Dropped Frames Live from PAX South []

2:00 PM: Partner Spotlight: Wyld [] 3:30 PM: Partner Spotlight: Anthony_Kongphan [] 4:00 PM: Twitch Town Hall Recap [] 6:30 PM: “Influencer Relations”: Significant Others in the Public Eye [] 9:30 PM: An Evening with RollPlay: The West Marches []

3:30 PM: Partner Spotlight: lolRenaynay [] 3:30 PM: Unlocked: Behind the Stream [] 5:00 PM: Fundraiser for Charity: How Streaming Makes a Difference []

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