What H1Z1 Is Doing To Combat Cheaters

H1Z1’s John Smedley just posted to the H1Z1 SubReddit to discuss how they will combat cheaters in the game. We’ve been wondering what they were going to do, so far they have banned over 5,000 people for cheating. Check out the full statement from Smedley below.

Hello everyone,

I wanted to lay out some things for you regarding our progress on cheaters. We recognize this is a top priority and we’re acting like it. We’ve put people on this bigtime and it’s paying big dividends. We’ve banned over 5k people. so far for cheating.
You may think the system isn’t working because you see a cheater. What you aren’t seeing is what’s happening to them. So we’re fixing that. What we’ve been doing a poor job of is telling you we’re actually getting rid of the cheaters you report. I want this to be automated such that if you report someone and they are banned that we tell you. That’s going to take a bit. So for now, we’re simply going to be public about it to make sure you see with your own eyes this is getting dealt with.
We’re careful about who we ban. Are we perfect? No, but we’re pretty close. The data we have is pretty amazing and if you don’t believe me, please go to and go to the H1Z1 forum. Instead of listening to us listen to those losers (and yeah, I think cheaters are losers). I also encourage you to scan the forums for other games you play and compare to the job we’re doing. We welcome that.
Are we perfect yet? No. But we make progress in major ways every day and with every patch.
I just wanted you to understand this is a top priority for us and we have people focused on it.


via H1Z1 SubReddit

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