Watch the Trailer for Smash Summit 2

The first Smash Summit was a huge success. They recently announced Smash Summit 2 that will be taking place April 21-24. For the second Smash Summit they’ve invited 10 of the top Melee players and are leaving it up to the community to vote the other 6 in. Check out the details below.

  • Eligible players can opt-in to receive Twitter Nominations. A total of 61 players are eligible, with 10 of them already invited.
  • Each player receives a unique Tweet button. Every Tweet counts as a vote, limit 1 per Twitter account. To gain more votes, be sure to follow @smashgg and @beyondthesummit!
  • The 15 players with the most Twitter nominations progress to the Voting phase.
  • 6 players will be selected over 3 rounds of voting, with each round resulting in 2 selections.
  • Free votes are awarded for activity on smashgg, including tournament attendees, ranking submissions, Fantasy players, shop or donation drive purchasers, and more!

Click here to view the official page

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