Watch the Republican and Democratic National Conventions on Twitch

The Republican and Democratic National Conventions will be broadcasted on Twitch. For many this came across as a shock because in our opinion there are two things you do not bring up in gaming communities, religion and politics.

Twitch looks at it as a public service, an opportunity for the community members to engage in the political process with each other.

Granted, this is a bit unorthodox to be broadcasted on Twitch, but the channels will be carefully moderated to provide a positive experience that fosters genuine discussion.

Broadcasters will also be able to create their own experience with their community and host the conventions.

  • Host Mode is a wonderful way to gather your community around a channel’s live video. Twitch encourages you to host the Republican National Convention (/GOPconvention) on your channel so you can have a more productive and valuable political discussion with your community.
  • The Democratic National Convention has offered Twitch broadcasters the rights to co-stream the event. Set your broadcast game to “DNC 2016” and provide your own commentary throughout the event. Both Twitch and the RNC made extensive efforts to bring co-streaming to the Republican National Convention as well, but ultimately we were bested by redtape.

Twitch also created special global emotes for you to use during both conventions!


  • RNCelephant
  • DNCbell
  • KappaVotes
  • VoteNay
  • VoteYea

Below you can find the full schedule.

Republican National Convention

  • When: 7/18–7/21
  • Where:
  • Schedule: 7/18–12PM EDT to 3PM EDT, 7/19–21 5PM EDT to 11PM EDT

Democratic National Convention

  • When: 7/25–7/28
  • Where:
  • Schedule: 5PM EDT to 11PM EDT each day

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