Watch LIRIK’s Discord AMA with Twitch Partners

LIRIK and Discord held an AMA today where other Twitch Partners could ask him questions about Twitch and his success. LIRIK gave thoughtful and insightful responses to all the questions for fifty minutes straight.  Click the link above to watch the AMA, below we have provided an outline of all the questions that were asked with the specific timestamps, provided by Timothy Cole.

1:20 – What are your thoughts on the future of view and streamer engagement and do you think crowd funding a good viewer engagement tool?
3:58 – How do you describe your job to your friends and family?
5:47 – Where do you see yourself after Twitch?
7:47 – How did you start streaming and how is that a key fact in your success?
8:36 – Are you good at WoW?
9:34 – What do you do to wind down or get away from stream like if you ever feel like you need to?
12:20 – How do I help my stream grow, on and off stream?
14:46 – How important are view giveaways especially in CS:GO and should I make content in English over my native language?
17:59 – How has being a streamer changed your outlook on life?
20:10 – Do you ever feel having a large influence backfires?
23:30 – How did you know it was time branch out to other games and how did you do it?
27:45 – What feature(s) or direction(s) would you like to see Twitch go or take in the future?
31:21 – What is your opinion on drama on stream? Do you think they should be allowed?
34:37 – How did you get involved with WC3 back in the day?
37:12 – What has been your personal favorite feature twitch has added over the years?
40:54 – During your time here on twitch how do you feel twitch has changed over the years?
43:41 – Do you think twitch will lose it’s popularity over time?
46:18 – What advice would you give to deal with larger viewer numbers will saying interactive and personal?

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