Watch AnneMunition’s Perspective From The H1Z1 Invitational Game 1 & 2

The H1Z1 Invitational was amazing to watch live. The overall atmosphere and competitive tension could be felt through the jumbo screen that was hanging over the Twitch Kappa Theater main stage. One thing we didn’t get to see was the individual broadcasters perspective. A few weeks back we posted up Ellohime’s and now we have a look at AnneMunition’s. You can watch game 1 and 2 below, hopefully there will be a H1Z1 Invitational in the near future, it was so enjoyable.

First Encounter: 4:40
Second Encounter: 16:15
Third Encounter: 19:15
Fourth Encounter: 26:15

First Encounter: 3:00
Second Encounter: 20:30
Third Encounter: 20:53
Fourth Encounter: 22:10
Fifth Encounter: 23:30

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