VainGlory will Launch a Content Creator Program at TwitchCon 2016

If you haven’t noticed yet, TwitchCon 2016 is a big deal for streamers, community members, and video game developers.

Today the developers of VainGlory, Super Evil Megacorp, announced that they will be launching their content creator program at TwitchCon 2016.

If you like Vain Glory and are a content creator, this is potentially a huge opportunity:

  • The Vainglory Content Creator Program is a new initiative to help streamers and content creators grow their channels!
  • As part of the program, they offer mobile streaming kits to new content creators. If you’re a streamer and want to add mobile games to your repertoire, this is for you! The kits include iPhone 7s and Magewell HDMI Capture card. Talk to them at their booth!
  • Here’s how we can help you grow your channel:
    • Feature your video/stream in Vainglory’s newsfeed
    • Social media push
    • Giveaways for your audience
    • Tickets to our events
  • Also, they have a ton of fun stuff and SWAG, so make sure you visit their booth (nr. 136, right next to Twitch Merch!)

via VainGloryGame

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