Earn RuneScape Loot With Twitch Prime This Month

Ended soon

Twitch have added in-game loot for RuneScape worth $39.46 to the Twitch Prime reward system.

From April 11th-May 8th, Twitch Prime members can gain full access to “both RuneScape and Runescape Old School, legendary pet Prime Colossus, extra treasures, and currency for cosmetics.”

Prime members get a valuable package of RuneScape benefits: “1 month’s membership for both RuneScape and its Old School version, giving access to the groundbreaking MMO’s entire world and array of player skills. There are extras for use in the main game, too: an exclusive, legendary pet to accompany you on your travels; 15 Treasure Hunter Keys, giving you extra treasure; and 200 RuneCoins to spend in Solomon’s Store, the in-game cosmetics shop.”

Redemption Instructions:

1) If you don’t already have a RuneScape account, create one here.
2) A display name is required before you can redeem your code. Set your display name here, in the “Change Character Name” menu.
3) After setting your display name, you must log out before you can redeem your code. If you are logged in to the game, you must log out.
4) After logging off, click here to log into the billing section of the site and redeem your code.
5) Once you have redeemed your code, download the RuneScape client and create your character. NOTE: ensure that “Normal Mode” is selected otherwise you won’t be able to use your Treasure Hunter Keys.
6) When you log into the game, you will have a month’s access to RuneScape’s membership features, and your extras will have been applied to your account.

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