UGRGaming Announces the “All Hallows Eve” Charity Scare-a-thon

UGRGaming announced the “All Hallows Eve” charity Scare-a-thon that will take place from October 28th-3oth starting at 12 AM CST.

He has a set roster of 23 streamers including SkinnedTeen, TheSilverFoxe, IngameAsylum, CallofCthulu, JessyQuil, MatronMinerva, TheNoosh22, MaxyLobes, FeidianJun, ThisisNotTea, Kyente, RavenHart007, BrainsGames, QueenAgonize, Wolfdnc, Nubzombie, Dudley_C, Not_jenn, SmoothOperative, Scrilo, JroctheGod89, ILoveKillBill, Lily2448 and UGRGaming.

Each streamer will fill a different time slot on UGRGaming’s channel with all proceeds going toward the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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