Twitch Weekly TwitchCon Q&A Session Recap

DJWheat, Soma, Fishstix and BlackLightAttack took a few minutes to answer questions about Twitchcon! Here is a quick review of the Q&A:


Q: Limited Edition T-shirts? PogChamp

A: This limited edition Twitchcon shirt will be available for purchase! The merch shop opens at 10am and is in the Expo Hall  (1st floor) behind the Indie Game Garage next to the Free Play area per DJ Wheat.

Q: The expo hall closes at 6pm but events are scheduled until 11pm – explain?

A:There are THREE floors. The expo hall closes at 6pm, however, there are panels/events continuing until the evening on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The Twitchcon app has been updated to reflect the floor plan!

Q: Can we rebroadcast/host Twitchcon?

A: You may rebroadcast/host events being streamed on the Main Stage and Kappa Theater. More information should be coming from Twitch to clarify additional rebroadcasting opportunities.

Q: Can I buy tickets at the door?

A: Twitchcon Tickets are still available and may be purchased at the door.

Q: Are there any extra party tickets?

A: No. SUPER SOLD OUT, unfortunately.

Q: What is the best way to keep up with Twitchcon Info?

A: Discord will be the official messaging app of Twitchcon. Also, download the Twitchcon App for Apple  and Android to create your schedule and review the floor plan!

Catch the full VOD here!

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