Twitch Updates Their Email and Push Notifications Options For All Users

Twitch recently did a study on email and push notifications. One change they made earlier in the year was implementing an opt-in model for broadcasters you follow. Rather than having notifications turned on when you followed a broadcaster, they turned them off by default. When they studied the data, they saw sending less notifications didn’t result in less content watched. Viewership remained the same.

They recently conducted another test, to send fewer emails and mobile alerts. In the second experiment they unsubscribed users from receiving notifications for channels they hadn’t watched in the last six months. The data showed that this change did not impact viewership. But, overall unsubscribes from notifications decreased by 20%, thereby protecting an important channel for broadcasters growing their audiences.

Today they started rolling out the changes to everyone. If you have any questions check out the FAQ below.

via Twitch Blog


Q. How do I reactivate notifications for any of the channels that have been removed from the notification system?

A. If you want to continue receiving notifications for these broadcasters, you can manage this by channel by clicking the Following options menu underneath the player. You can also manage all your notification settings here.


Q. Will this select channel notification deactivation happen just this once or will you be automatically removing certain channels from my notification list from time to time?

A. This is a one time deactivation, but we’re likely to do more work like this in the future. We’ll always let you know if we’re removing channels from your notification list.


Q. Is there a limit to how many channels I can receive email notifications for?

A. Currently, there is no limit.


Q. What was the measure used to remove certain channels from my email notifications?

A. Had not watched or clicked on a notification in the past six months while logged in. Followed more than a year ago. Received more than 200 notifications for the channel.


Q. I’m a broadcaster and I wonder does this mean fewer people will know when I’m live?

A. Your least engaged followers will be less likely to know that you are live, but that shouldn’t affect your viewership. Over time more of your notifications will make it to your followers that actually want them.

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