Twitch Updates the Popular “Host Mode” with a New “Auto Host Mode” Feature

Twitch continues to add new features for broadcasters to grow their communities. They recently announced a new Auto Host Feature that makes it easy to build and manage a list of channels to auto host when you’re offline.

It includes options for auto hosting members on your team, a personally curated list of streamers, and channels similar to yours.


Making Host Mode Better

This past Spring, Twitch experimented to see how they could improve Host Mode. They ran an auto host study and the result was overwhelmingly positive — Almost half of the streamers who used auto hosting saw 10% increases in their viewership and 97% of participants said they planned on continuing to use auto host.

Improving Host Trains

In the past, the problem with host trains was that they required a ton of coordination. Auto hosting streamlines the intent of host trains, since trains generally involve the same community of streamers repeatedly hosting each other. With auto host, just set up your list and you are good to go.

You can choose who you want to host, similarly to Host Mode, and it can be configured any time by visiting your Channel Settings. There is also a FAQ that can be found by clicking here.

Auto hosting’s purpose is to enable communities to come together and grow together on Twitch.


via Twitch Blog

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