Twitch Unveils New Subscriptions and Benefits to Provide Fans with More Ways to Support Favorite Creators

Twitch reinforced its ongoing commitment to its content creators with the announcement of upgrades to their partner subscription program. The $4.99 option is still available but partnered content creators will have new $9.99 and $24.99 subscriptions that allow community members to offer additional levels of support.

Here’s what you get when the beta becomes available:

  • Send a custom message to the community upon first subscribing.
  • Access to additional emotes for $9.99 and $24.99 subs, if provided by a Partner.
  • Help a Partner unlock new emotes faster, as $9.99 subs are worth two subscriber counts and $24.99 subs are worth six subscriber counts. Combined with our revamped emote tiers, this means new emotes will be rolling out for communities even quicker!
  • Participate in new $9.99 and $24.99 subscriber roles based within the Twitch App, if offered by a Partner.

Keep in mind Partners have to opt-in in order for the channel to participate in the new program. Throughout the day we have seen many complaints on social media about this new feature, I just feel no one will ever be happy on any roll outs Twitch does.

Benefits for the broadcaster:

This is providing more revenue outlets for partnered broadcasters, if one community member subscribes at $24.99, that is equal to 5 individual $4.99 subscriptions creating 6 times the amount of revenue the partner would have originally received allowing the broadcaster more ways to expand their business.

In all cases, it is up to the community member to make the decision on how much they want to support the channel. If the new program does not fit into your business then there is an option not to use it.

Please remember streamers are independent contractors of Twitch, Twitch is just the platform being used to stream the games you play. This updated program creates other options and possibilities to grow your channel.

Benefits for the viewers:

Viewers can now support the channel (if opted in) in more ways. Streamers love support from their community, not just the money. If viewers want to support the channel more than they already do, let them.

This also unlocks more emote slots for the broadcaster and community members to use. Emotes on Twitch are super popular, the more emotes the better. Even if you have 0 subscribers (unlikely) you still have one emote for your community members to use!

Benefits for Artists:

With the subscription tiers going live any day now, this creates more commissions for artists. Generating more revenue for their business and getting their name/work out there for others to see within the industry. In the past select artists were always hit up for emotes, now with rush to get extra emotes made we will see a wider variety of commissions from artists all over the community.

As the program grows and gets feedback from the community, changes come a long with that. Twitch listens to their community members to make the best possible product for us.

Along with these new subscription tiers, Twitch has also noted the long-requested features like the ability for a user to gift a channel subscription to another non-subbed user, which will be coming to Twitch later this year.

Just be happy Twitch is creating new opportunities for new, current and OG broadcasters. I’m definitely looking forward to this updated program and will be using the tier-subscriptions for my favorite broadcasters.

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