Twitch Launches a New Channel Page Design

Twitch unveiled the new Channel Page Design a day earlier than expected, it was originally planned to be announced at TwitchCon along with a host of other new features, product updates and big reveals.


The new channel page design lets users easily access all of a channel’s content. With a new top navigation bar that lets you browse through videos and start watching past broadcasts even when a channel is offline, then you can easily go back to the live video player if the channel goes live.

Twitch have also updated the layout for Host Mode, you can scroll down to see the Channel Feed and Panels for the channel you’re on, and watch, sub, or follow the channel that’s being hosted all on same page.


The new Channel Page is live now, you can check it out by visiting any channel. To learn more about the new Channel Page you can visit the Guide to the Channel Page below.

Twitch Channel Page Guide

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