Twitch Release Code Samples For Aspiring Developers

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Twitch are upgrading their developer website with new tools and code samples in an attempt to aid aspiring Twitch developers, and have made a GitHub page to provide a new way for developers to interact with Twitch.

While we are starting with seven samples across four languages, we will regularly add more of both, and highlight some community libraries to help you begin development with the Twitch platform as quickly and effortlessly as possible. These samples will cover common use cases such as API authentication, Clips discovery, PubSub, chat bots, and VOD uploads.

Additionally, we are launching our Twitch Developer presence on GitHub at This is where our always-growing library of code samples are hosted and it provides a new way for developers to interact with us. Please feel free to file issues or pull requests if you have feedback or ideas for other samples we can provide. We strongly believe that anyone can code and now we’re making it even more possible for anyone to code with Twitch!

via Twitch Blog

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