Twitch PR Director Chase Talks Twitch, PAX Prime, & More w/ [a] list daily

Twitch PR Director Chase talks to [a] list daily about the extensive coverage Twitch had at PAX Prime 2015. If you were ever curious about what it’s like being on the opposite side of the spectrum being a Twitch employee this short interview with Chase gives you a good idea. Below are a few Q&A’s we’ve pulled from the interview, for the full read head over to [a] list daily.

How much work goes into to creating the Twitch presence at PAX Prime? How many months in advance do you start planning?

We begin our most aggressive work on PAX about 4-6 months in advance, although there are smaller pieces of the puzzle that start much sooner than that. There is a lot that goes into every show where we have a booth presence, such as coordinating the stage content, creating exclusive swag for our awesome community, vetting sponsors and ensuring the booth itself is optimized on the technical and branding front.

What size audience did you attract last year watching your streams from PAX Prime, and do you expect to beat those numbers this year?

Since every event we do has exceeded its predecessor in large increments, we expect this PAX to surpass last year’s viewership. It helps that as the exclusive broadcasting partner of PAX, we have content you can’t see anywhere else. It’s also worth noting that because the show sells out in what seems like minutes, we are able to provide a window to the event to all of the people who couldn’t purchase a ticket or make it from across the globe to be here. We love being able to offer that to our community since they are the reason we exist.

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