Twitch Officially Announces the Social Eating Category

During the week we stumbled across a new category on Twitch’s Directory, Social Eating. Once the news broke, it quickly was one of the most talked about topics in the community.

Today, Twitch officially announced the Social Eating category on their Blog. Below you can find the excerpts from their article.

What is Social Eating?

Ever get hungry while on a long cast or after cooking something great in Food (duh)? You were having such a great conversation with your community and now you lose that momentum to take break when you could simply change categories and keep your audience engaged…

Social Eating is a new category that allows streamers to interact with their communities while eating a meal, whether it’s taking a break from gaming or having a pizza party with subscribers. For viewers, Social Eating is another opportunity to chat with streamers they love — kind of like eating with your friends.


The unique content that you see everyday on Twitch is inspired by community feedback, and Social Eating is no different. In South Korea, eating broadcasts (muk-bang) are very popular, and many of our Korean streamers have requested to make it a part of their content. Likewise, our Food streamers have expressed interest in not only cooking on Twitch, but being able to share meal time with their community afterwards. Who doesn’t love family dinner?

Because Streamers Need To Eat, Too

Although Social Eating has been inspired by our Korean and Food broadcasters, we do believe that it can be valuable to our wider community. Now, when you need to eat after hours of streaming, you can continue engaging with your community instead of going offline. All you need to do is switch your game to Social Eating and proceed to digging into your delicious meal.

via Twitch Blog

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