Twitch Officially Addresses the Username Rename & Recycling Policy

Ended soon

Twitch officially announces that they will begin to reclaim inactive usernames in order to make them available again sometime in the future.

Twitch explains what this means for users:

“Beginning January 29th, Twitch will begin to reclaim inactive accounts (including the usernames) and make them available to others.”

Twitch also addresses security concerns that may come with reclaiming the accounts:

“With any reclaimed account, Twitch will delete the profile information associated with the account (including, any content). This also means that any personal data and private content associated with these accounts will be deleted and will not be accessible to the new account holders.”

So, what is an inactive account?

“An inactive account is defined as an account that has had no login, viewing, or broadcasting activity for at least twelve months. For more details on the policy change, please check out our help section.

Make sure to check out the FAQ and policy updates they included in the Twitch Blog or the Twitch Help Center.


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