Twitch Offers “Inventory Full” T-Shirt To Amazon Prime Members For One Day Only

The Twitch/Teespring partnership is coming to a close on July 24th. We’ve speculated that Twitch will offer Twitch Partner merchandise through Amazon and the first test is here.

Twitch is offering the first “Inventory Full” t-shirt for men and women to Amazon Prime members only. It is only available to purchase today July 7th and will never be available again.

In their blog post they tease that “This is just the beginning for all you Twitch merch lovers. Stay tuned to hear more about how we will keep satisfying your need for purple gear ;-).”

Please note that the “Inventory Full” t-shirt is only available for U.S. Prime members.

When setting out to design this T-shirt, designer Chris Furniss had this in mind:

I wanted to make something that expressed the thing that Twitch Prime gamers value the most: stuff! Lots of stuff. Overflowing amounts of stuff. Turns out video games are often about collecting stuff so it seemed obvious to me to draw all the stuff that popped into my head when I thought about video games.

It was hard to come up with so much stuff to draw. I’m tired now. Please enjoy!

via Twitch Blog

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