Twitch Launches TwitchCon Subreddit & Discord Chat Server

Twitch just announced a TwitchCon Subreddit along with their Discord chat server. In the TwitchCon Subreddit you can expect to find all the answers you have for TwitchCon. There are already a few threads that have been started, so make sure you start posting!

Along with the TwitchCon Subreddit comes the Discord Chat server for TwitchCon. It was announced on Twitch Weekly that Discord would be the official messaging app of TwitchCon. There are plenty of chat channels, from general to after hours. Click the link below to head to the TwitchCon Subreddit and the Discord chat server.

Click here to go to the TwitchCon Subreddit
Click here to go to the TwitchCon chat server

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