Twitch Launches A New Notification System

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Twitch has unveiled its new notification system this week, which gives users small notifications while on Twitch if their favorite streamer goes live, a new video is released and more.

Want to be notified when your favorite streamer is going live? Or when someone commented on your latest post? We’ll assume you said yes.

The new notifications on Twitch will keep you updated on activities involving you or the streamers you follow. They appear on your screen in real time, and get added to your notification center for easy access anytime you want.

The following notifications are available now and can be managed in your notification settings:

  • A channel you follow uploads a new video
  • Someone comments on a post you created
  • A channel you follow goes live (Since this information is only relevant for a short period of time, these notifications will appear on your screen in real time but won’t be added to the notification center)

This is just the beginning of our new notification system, so expect to see more notifications being added as we further build out the feature.”

via Twitch Blog

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