Twitch is Experimenting with Timeout Reasons & Durations [Beta]

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The Twitch Dev Success Forum is a great place to have bookmarked. Earlier we wrote an article about their Chat Moderation Pilot Program.

Roughly two weeks ago they started experimenting with Twitch Chat timeout reasons and durations. This means mods will be able to send a timeout along with a reason for it.

Below you can find how to send it, to leave feedback head to the Twitch Dev Success Forum by clicking the link below.

Click here to view the thread

via Twitch Dev Success Forum:

“We are experimenting with timeout reasons. This means a mod is able to send a timeout along with a reason for it.

The site js is also exposing it through the clearchat event. Please note that CLEARCHAT is seen by all clients, so the timeout reasons are not private, and any client can technically see them. There hasn’t been any front-end work by us to support this yet.

Low risk for change:
While I don’t see any reason we would change the sending portion, if we alter the /timeout formatn, we’ll post here with any updates you’d need to make to your application.

We’re looking for your feedback, and interested in how you would use this feature.”

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