Twitch Introduces their Official Food Channel with a Julia Child Marathon

Yesterday Twitch debuted their full-time Food channel where it launched with 201 episodes of Julia Child’s The French Chef. Inspired by the success of its cooking community, Twitch is hosting the event to honor Child, television’s most influential chef in its day and a precursor to the interactive cooking shows prevalent on Twitch.

Child also focused on food as a way to build a community in the same way broadcasters on Twitch bond with their audiences. The Food channel lives in Twitch’s Creative section where the creative process – whether it be cooking, crafting, composing or other art forms is celebrated.

Child’s show illustrated the cooking process, mirroring the how-to experience represented by chefs who broadcast on Twitch’s Creative category. Among the Twitch personalities who have embraced the live format for showcasing their kitchen prowess are a number of rising culinary artists, including:

  • DomesticDan: Dan started off as a variety gamer and moved into cooking on stream. He recently quit his job and is moving toward full time streaming.
  • FakeGamerGirl: Ashley cooks vegan food including adaptations of popular meat dishes like fried chicken. Because of her passion, Twitch Creative hired her last month.
  • Goldamsel: Franziska is a variety broadcaster known for her positive attitude, her Just Dance broadcasts, and her high production quality cooking streams.
  • WorkingChef: Chef is a 10 year professional in culinary arts. She shares her love of cooking and is not afraid to drop some knowledge bombs about how to cook.
  • Lulaboo: Lulaboo shows off her Culinary Arts degree skills while creating delicious food.

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