Twitch Introduces The Mini Video Player

Twitch introduced an awesome new featuring, the Mini Video Player.

The mini video player lets you browse all of a channel’s content without leaving the live stream or video you’re already watching.

When you scroll down the channel page to check the latest channel feed post or take a closer look at panel info, the video player pops into mini mode to follow you down the page, and it sticks around, along with chat, when you navigate to the channel’s Videos, Followers, and Following tabs.

The mini video player also comes along for the ride when you head to the directory pages on Twitch, so when you’re in the middle of a live stream or video, you don’t have to stop watching to take a look at who’s live and who’s publishing new uploads.

When you’re done browsing, just hit the fullscreen button to snap back to the channel or video page you started on.

Update: The mini video player is now available to all users on Twitch, as of December 16, 2016.

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