Twitch Introduces SureStream: A Better Way for Streamers to Earn Ad Revenue

A little over a month after TwitchCon, Twitch introduced a better way for streamers to earn ad revenue.

SureStream will offer an improved video ad experience through expediting report tickets, less buffering, and faster transitions for ads. Additionally, SureStream will prevent viewers from bypassing ads when tuning into their favorite stream channels.

With viewers not able to bypass ads, this will bring more revenue for streamers all across Twitch since ads cannot be blocked.

What this means for the viewers:

For viewers, this will be a great way to contribute to your favorite streamer’s community on Twitch. All you have to do is watch the advertisement and it creates revenue for the streamer. Many community members who want to contribute, but can’t, now have an alternative.

There’s always going to be viewers who are 100% against ads, understandably, which explains ad blockers add-ons. Until someone figures a work around, viewers will have to watch the ads or not tune into the stream.

What this means for Partnered Streamers:

By enabling SureStream, it will allow Partnered Streamers to create an improved form of revenue through ads. Depending on the channel, broadcasters usually run ads throughout and at the end of their stream. This will allow them to create and manage new ad slots during breaks, whether it be to use the bathroom or grab a drink.

SureStream has benefits for both the viewer and streamer perspectives. Only time will tell if it is beneficial or something the community dislikes.

via TechCrunch & Twitch

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