Twitch Introduces A New Category: IRL (In Real Life)

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Twitch officially launches the IRL (In Real Life) category, based on community feedback. This category provides an outlet for broadcasters to share their lives, outside of playing video game related content.

Today, Twitch is about much more than sharing live gameplay. While still steeped in gaming culture, Twitch has become a social video platform for all kinds of passionate people and communities, both gaming and non-gaming alike. Based on your feedback, we’re launching two new features that will help you share even more of your life, and we’re updating our guidelines to match the way the community uses the platform today.

IRL looks into the broadcasters life, both live and prerecorded. IRL also allows broadcasters to share non-gaming interests with their communities. If you’re curious what you can and can not stream on IRL, reference the community guidelines here.

Launching today is an all-new content category called IRL designed specifically to allow you to talk to your community and share your thoughts, opinions, feelings, and everyday life. Like a vlog, you can now interact with your audience in a one-to-many style, live or recorded, even when not playing a game. This includes sharing experiences and events with viewers live or with pre-recorded videos. Anything and everything you’re interested in can potentially become a topic of a stream.

Twitch also announced Mobile Streaming from the official Twitch app, to be released in 2017. This will allow broadcasters to stream on the go, sharing their everyday lives. The mobile app will default to the IRL category as soon as the broadcaster starts streaming from a mobile device.

For more information, check out the IRL FAQ and community guidlines.

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