Twitch Gives An Introduction And Overview Of Their Engineering

Being a Twitch user is tons of fun. The entertainment possibilities are endless, from watching your favorite broadcaster, to finding a new creative stream, or watching a speed run of a nostalgic game like Zelda Ocarina of Time. Many do not take into account the backend that goes into making Twitch, Twitch.

Today on the Twitch Blog they gave an introduction and overview of what happens under the hood at Twitch. It’s a in-depth breakdown, below are a few key bullet points, head over to their blog for the full read.

  • One of the largest live video distribution systems in the world
  • A real-time chat system
  • Web services that provide access to functionality and data
  • Data storage systems
  • Client applications on the web, and on a multitude of platforms – mobile and console in particular
  • Data science infrastructure
  • Internal tooling and systems – configuration management, deployment systems, hardware and software provisioning, testing and QA
  • Network infrastructure that keeps the bits between all of these systems and the end users flowing

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