Twitch Follows Up the Twitch Prime Announcement with Trending FAQs

Over the weekend at TwitchCon 2016, Emmett Shear made a plethora of announcements during Saturday’s Keynote speech.

The biggest announcement was Twitch Prime, a full integration with Amazon Prime subscribers.

For those who have questions about Twitch Prime make sure to read their Twitch Prime Follow Up: Trending FAQs that was posted on their blog.

Q. If I have Twitch Turbo and Amazon Prime, should I cancel Turbo?

A. If you already subscribe to both Turbo and Amazon Prime, you may want to consider canceling Turbo. All the benefits of Turbo are included in Twitch Prime, except that instead of a Turbo banner on your subscriptions page you will see a Twitch Prime banner. You can cancel your Turbo subscription here, and you can go to to connect your Amazon and Twitch accounts and get started with Twitch Prime.

Q. If I have Amazon Prime, how do I get Twitch Prime?

A. If you already subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can get Twitch Prime instantly for no additional cost by linking your accounts at

Q. How do I start using my free channel subscription and retain my subscription tenure/loyalty?

1. Cancel autorenew on the subscription you want to switch over to using your free Twitch Prime subscription for.

2. Within the next 30 days after that subscription expires, use your Twitch Prime free subscription on that channel, and your tenure will continue without interruption.

Q. If I bought an extended Turbo subscription, can I switch to Twitch Prime and get a refund on the Turbo subscription for time I did not use?

A. For a limited time, we will offer a refund on Turbo purchases if you already have subscribed to Turbo and purchased Twitch Prime as well. To request a Turbo refund, go here.

Q. If I join Twitch Prime and Cancel Twitch Turbo, do I lose anything?

A. You will no longer see a Twitch Turbo Banner on your subscriptions page, but you will retain all other benefits of Twitch Turbo like ad-free viewing, chat badge, emote set, etc.

Q: I am a member of Prime Student. Can I sign up for Twitch Prime?

A. Yes, Prime Student members are eligible for Twitch Prime. However, note that you will only get one channel subscription during your no-cost trial, even if your trial is longer than 30 days.

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