Twitch Creative Updates: Gallery & Cosplay Submissions Due Soon, New Communities & Visibility for Creative

If you plan on submitting a Twitch Creative Gallery or Cosplay Contest submission they are both due at the end of the week!

The TwitchCon Gallery submissions end on August 21st and the Cosplay Contest Submissions on August 22nd.

Along with the Twitch Creative TwitchCon deadlines comes new updates for the community.

They are working on ways to bring visibility and support for Twitch Creative across the entire site. One of the first ways to increase visibility is including Creative on the channels page. They hvae also updated editing on your channel to autocomplete for Communities when you have your game currently set as Creative.

Twitch Creative has been listening to all feedback, and are adding a Live Streams tab at the top to encourage discovery of Communities and broadcasters that you might not normally watch.

Two new Communities have been added, PCBuilding and Comics. Their goal is to create a home for all content that is broadcasted on Twitch Creative.

As always, if you have an questions or feedback check out the Twitch Creative FAQ or hit them up on Twitter.

via r/Twitch

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