Twitch Creative Announces the #TwitchAnimationContest

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Twitch Creative announced on Twitter, that they will be hosting an animation contest. The contest is running from now until February 24th, 2017 at 1PM PST and boasts a prize pool of $9,000.

If you plan on entering, be sure to keep in mind the theme, “Game Over” and to archive your VODs. We look forward to what you, the community, can create!

Twitch has also included a FAQ:

What are the prizes?
The grand prize winner gets $5,000. Second place is worth $2,000. Four honorable mentions worth $500 each.

What are the requirements? How long does my animation have to be?
You have to stream 10 hours of the creation process on Twitch Creative, include #TwitchAnimationContest in your title, follow the theme “Game Over”, and submit the final animation by February 24. Make sure you turn on “Archive Vods” and then make a highlight showing the creation process. The animation has to be between 15 seconds and 60 seconds long.

I’ve never broadcast before, can I still participate?
Absolutely! You’ll have to create an account and set up streaming software. You can find a handy guide here!

Why is there a restriction to the US excluding Florida and New York?
Writing the rules and making sure we are following the law is difficult (and expensive) with more states and countries that are included. We want to do more open contests but for this one we had to go with US excluding Florida and New York.

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