Twitch Chat Updates: Display Names & More

Last week, Twitch rolled out two updates to chat: display names and emote selector. The Twitch Blog explains further about the two new updates for chat, if you haven’t tried the new emote selector or the display name feature make sure you login to Twitch and give it a try.

via Twitch Blog

Display Names in Chat

One of our most requested updates is to show Display Names in chat instead of your login. Well, we’re excited to announce that today’s the day! You’ll now be known as your Display Name in chat.

We hope this clears up some confusion for users whose Display Name is different than their login. If you don’t have a Display Name set up, your login will be shown as usual. You can set up a Display Name any time on your Settings page, though.

For now, Display Names will only be shown on web chat with other platforms coming soon, and logins will still show up in autocomplete and highlighting in chat.

Emote Selector

Last week we added an emote selector to chat. Click on the emote icon in the top right corner and you’ll see EVERY GLOBAL EMOTE. You’ll also see which subscriber emotes you have access to on a per-channel basis.


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