Twitch Broadcasters Allowed To “Co-Stream” E3 Week

E3 is just around the corner, which means tons of new video game news across all platforms. If you are a Twitch broadcaster wanted to stream E3, you can “co-stream” it giving your opinion and commentary on all the latest news. For the full press release you can head over to the Twitch blog, we look forward to hearing everyone’s opinions once E3 starts.

Attention Twitch Broadcasters!

New this year, we’re encouraging you to “co-stream” all of the E3 content from We’ve got all the content, now all it needs is your commentary and opinions. Make E3 your own and personalize it for your community.

*Note – When the time comes, please set your game to “E3 2015″ and only re-stream the official channel. Restreaming channels other than /twitch will be subject to DMCA as per usual.

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