Twitch Brings On GamerBee As Partnerships Development Lead in Taiwan

Today, Twitch announced GamerBee will be joining them in-house as the Partnerships Development Lead in Taiwan. GamerBee has been involved in the Fighting Game Community for over 25 years and was the first professional fighting game player in Taiwan.

With his knowledge and skill-sets he’ll make a perfect addition to the fighting game experts and community liaisons at Twitch. GamerBee will be bridging the language and culture barrier between Twitch and the local community in Taiwan, helping Taiwanese broadcasters with improving their channels and growing their communities.

Below is a quote from GamerBee on joining the Twitch Staff:

“To be at Twitch is like getting the Mario Lucky Star! Ever since I became a professional gamer, I knew gaming was my calling. Driven by this purpose and commitment, I look forward to strengthening the gaming community in Asia. I’ll be sharing my talents in Footsie, Shoryuken Anti-Air, and Ultra Combos to help partners and broadcasters have an awesome experience on Twitch in Taiwan.”

via Twitch Blog

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