Twitch Announces Their PAX East 2016 Hosts and Schedule

With PAX East just around the corner, Twitch announced their PAX East 2016 hosts and schedule. If you can’t make it to the convention this year, you can watch most of it on Twitch! Below we have posted the official PAX East 2016 Twitch scheudle, make sure to set reminders during the panels you would like to watch!

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Official Twitch PAX East Stream (

(Schedule Coming Soon)

Official PAX East Main Theatre Stream (


10:30 AM: Storytime with Jonathan Blow
11:30 AM: Penny Arcade Q&A
1:00 PM: Rooster Teeth = Achievement Hunter + Funhaus
4:00 PM: Inside Gearbox Software
8:30 PM: Friday Night Concerts (Bit Brigade, Frontalot, Protomen)


10:30 AM: Penny Arcade – Make a Strip!
1:30 PM: Riot Presents: The League Community Creator Showcase!
4:00 PM: WARCRAFT: A Look Inside the Upcoming Cinematic Adventure
7:30 PM: Saturday Night Concerts (Sammus, Paul & Storm, DoubleClicks, VGO)


10:30 AM: PAXAMANIA II: Yes, Even MORE Video Game Wrestling!
1:00 PM: Acquisitions Incorporated
5:30 PM: Omegathon Final Round

Official PAX East Albatross Theatre Stream (


12:00 PM: Competition for all: Building inclusive e-sport communities
1:30 PM: Meet the cast of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
3:00 PM: Lara Croft: The Undisputed Queen of Gaming
4:30 PM: Polaris Presents: FRIENDZONE LIVE
6:00 PM: Dropped Frames Live from Boston!
7:30 PM: Giant Bomb E3 2016 Planning Kickoff
9:00 PM: Jackbox at PAX
10:30 PM: AppJunkies Live: The Worst Games Ever Made


10:30 AM: The Award Winning Saga Continues: Indie Dev Team Stoic Reveal What’s in Store for Fans in Banner Saga 2
12:00 PM: Looking Heavensward
3:00 PM: Master Of Orion: Bringing Back the Legend
4:30 PM: HITMAN: A World of Assassination
6:00 PM: Polaris Presents: MARKIPLIER & FRIENDS
7:30 PM: YouTube Gaming with your favorite YouTubers
9:00 PM: 404ing it: Breaking (down) the Internet


10:30 AM: Out of the Shadows: Inside Gears of War Multiplayer with The Coalition
12:00 PM: Alienware, Oculus, & Epic Games: The Driving Forces Behind VR
3:00 PM: Save my Stream! Real Talk from Veteran Streamers
4:30 PM: Modpacks in Minecraft

Official PAX East Dragonfly Theatre Stream (


11:30 AM: Kinda Funny: We Tricked Folks into Thinking We’re a Big Deal
1:00 PM: Warframe Developer & Community Panel
2:30 PM: Learn to Play Thornwatch
4:00 PM: The Annual Meeting: RollPlay Swan Song Character Panel
5:30 PM: League of Legends Content Creation Q&A Panel
7:00 PM: Gosh Darn Fiasco Panel
8:30 PM: Friday the 13th: The Game: Pushing the Boundaries of Horror


10:00 AM: Making the Most of Mods in Minecraft
11:30 AM: Real Waifus of Twitch
1:00 PM: The Co-Optional Podcast LIVE
2:30 PM: GWENT-ception: Does a game within a game, make a game a better game?
4:00 PM: Major Nelson Radio
5:30 PM: The Music of Rooster Teeth
7:00 PM: IGN Presents: 16 Big Anniversaries Happening in 2016
8:30 PM: The Runaway Guys: Thrown Controllers
10:00 PM: Cards Against Humanity


10:00 AM: The Cutting Ddge of PC Gaming with Newegg
11:30 AM: Cox ‘n Crendor Live
1:00 PM: Continuing To Be Brave! The Development of Bravely Second: End Layer
2:30 PM: As Seen on Twitch, So You Want To Be A Livestreamer?
4:00 PM: Kaiju Big Battel

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