Twitch Announces their Official Hosts and Broadcasting Schedule for PAX West 2016

PAX West will be here before you know it and as always Twitch will be there giving the community a great rundown of the entire convention.

Twitch officially announced their hosts for their live coverage of the event. You will see djWheat, Anna Prosser, Seltzer, MANvsGAME, Ezekiel_III, and Margaret Krohn on the main stage.

Below you can find the schedule broken down by each day. As always we will recap the PAX West coverage with the Twitch VODs.

Official Twitch PAX West Stream

10:00 AM: Double Fine
10:15 AM: Behaviour Interactive
10:30 AM: SuperGiant Games
11:00 AM: EPIC Games
11:15 AM: Devolver
11:30 AM: Adult Swim Games
11:45 AM: NAMCO
12:30 PM: Nicalis
1:30 PM: PJSaltan
1:45 PM: Riot Games
2:00 PM: SEGA
2:15 PM: Fenix Fire
2:45 PM: Studio Wild Card
3:00 PM: Vainglory
4:00 PM: Nintendo
5:00 PM: Justin Roiland Interview
5:30 PM: Versus.Evil
5:45 PM: Microsoft

10:00 AM: Vainglory
11:00 AM: Rising Star Games
11:15 AM: Devolver
11:30 AM: Massive Monster
11:45 AM: H1Z1
12:00 PM: Torn Banner Studios
12:15 PM: Intel
12:30 PM: Twitch
3:00 PM: PAX Rising
4:00 PM: Reverb
4:15 PM: Trion
4:30 PM: Tiny Build
4:45 PM: Square Enix
5:00 PM: Suda51
5:15 PM: PAX Rising

10:00 AM: Iceberg Interactive
10:15 AM: Suprise Attack
10:30 AM: Versus Evil
10:45 AM: Counterplay Games
11:00 AM: Amplitude Studios
11:15 AM: Rawfury Games
11:30 AM: Those Awesome Guys
11:45 AM: Rawfury Games
12:00 PM: Nicalis
12:45 PM: Turtle Beach
1:00 PM: Twitch
3:00 PM: Vainglory
4:00 PM: Indie MEGABOOTH
5:00 PM: WoW Legion
5:15 PM: Indie MEGABOOTH

10:00 AM – 5:00 PM: CSL

Official PAX West Main Theatre

10:30 AM: Storytime with Amy Hennig
11:30 AM: Penny Arcade Q&A #1
1:00 PM: Rooster Teeth
4:00 PM: Inside Gearbox Software
8:30 PM: Friday Night Concerts (Video Game Pianist, MC Frontalot, Bit Brigade)

10:30 AM: Markiplier and Friends
1:00 PM: Penny Arcade Make a Strip
4:00 PM: Giant Bomb and Cards Against Humanity
8:30 PM: Saturday Night Concerts (Super Guitar Brothers, Triforce Quartet, The OneUps)

10:30 AM: NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX: Game Ready
1:00 PM: PewDiePie & The Revelmode Squad
6:00 PM: Acquisitions, Inc.

10:30 AM: Gabe and Tycho Q&A #2
1:30 PM: JackSepticEye
5:30 PM: Omegathon Final Round

PAX West Hydra Theatre

10:00 AM: Step inside The FunHaus with YouTube Gaming
11:30 AM: FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE: DEVELOPER PANEL 1:00 PM: VR is Off the Chain: Alienware and AMD Discuss Free-Range, Tetherless VR
2:30 PM: The Telltale Panel
4:00 PM: Drive to Work Live
5:30 PM: Polaris Presents: Player VS Pop Culture
7:00 PM: Crowdfunding Your Indie Game
8:30 PM: Driving Fan Engagement – The Next Frontier in Live-Streaming
10:00 PM: Friday the 13th: The Game – Creating “Killer” Multiplayer

10:30 AM: New Frontiers: How Stellaris Breaks the Paradox Mold
12:00 PM: GWENT: Going Standalone
1:30 PM: Mafia III – Creating the Open World of New Bordeaux
3:00 PM: Eidos-Montréal Presents: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
4:30 PM: Polaris Presents: Gamify the News
6:00 PM: World of FINAL FANTASY Director’s Panel
7:30 PM: LOOKOUTS(tm) Live Action Short Film – Screening and Q&A
9:00 PM: The Art of the Table: GMing Beyond the Basics

10:30 AM: Finding Acceptance and Community in the Gaming World
12:00 PM: Thornwatch Comes to Life
3:00 PM: Into the Storm: Sneak Peek into Tom Clancy’s The Division Expansion II: Survival
4:30 PM: Polaris Does Dice
6:00 PM: Warframe: Developer & Community Panel
7:30 PM: The Spice of Twitch: Variety in All Things
9:00 PM: Retrogame Roadshow: Are Old Games Actually Buried Treasure?

10:30 AM: Pokémon Podcast – It’s Super Effective
12:00 PM: HITMAN
1:30 PM: From Dreamer to Streamer: A Guide to Streaming on Twitch
3:00 PM: Tripwire’s Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Panel!

Official PAX West Wyvern Theatre

10:30 AM: The Quantum Roots of Alternate Reality Narratives in Games
12:00 PM: Twitch Town Hall
1:30 PM: Developing Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration
5:00 PM: Intel Core i7 PAX West Daily Wrap Up – Day 1
6:00 PM: LoadingReadyRun – Comedy Etc
7:30 PM: An Evening With Patick Rothfuss
9:00 PM: You Paid Too Much!!! How to Find the Best Video Game Deals
10:00 AM: The Future of Multiplayer and Social VR
11:30 AM: 28 Plays Later LIVE with Kris Straub and Paul Verhoeven
1:00 PM: World of Warcraft: Legion—The Invasion Continues
4:30 PM: Intel Core i7 PAX West Daily Wrap Up – Day 2
5:30 PM: Acquisitions Incorporated – Cast Commentary
7:00 PM: Jackbox at Pax … box
8:30 PM: PAX Crowd Play’s BATMAN – The Telltale Series

10:00 AM: PAX RUMBLE IV: Video Game Wrestling In a League Of Heels
12:00 PM: Tak Talk
1:30 PM: So You Think Twitch Isn’t For You? Guess Again!
3:00 PM: Scared Yet? A Discussion of Horror in Media
5:00 PM: Intel Core i7 PAX West Daily Wrap Up – Day 3
6:00 PM: The Runaway Guys: Thrown Controllers
7:30 PM: Lifestyle Games: Why Can’t I Quit You?

10:30 AM: Geek Parents: The Joys and Challenges of Geeks Raising Geeks
12:00 PM: Polaris Presents: Co-Optional Podcast
1:30 PM: How Artists are Creating Customized Collectibles
3:00 PM: Going Pro: What it Takes to Be a Touchscreen Esports Star
5:00 PM: Intel Core i7 PAX West Daily Wrap Up – Day 4


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