Twitch Announces More Information on Magic: The Gathering Partnership

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Last year Twitch announced a partnership with Wizards of the Coast to make Twitch the exclusive streaming partner for Magic: The Gathering.

In the original announcement not much was said, until now. Here’s what Magic fans have to look forward to:

Expanded Streaming Schedule

In 2017, Twitch will stream at least 40 Magic events on That’s twice as many compared to 2016.

  • Four Magic Pro Tour events
  • Magic World Championship
  • World Magic Cup
  • 32 Grand Prix events
  • Magic Online Championship
  • Super Sunday Series Championship

Throughout the year Twitch will continue to look for more opportunities to stream great Magic content from sources far and wide.

Don’t forget to tune in this weekend for the new Standard format Pro Tour Aether Revolt, Feb 3–5, live from Dublin, Ireland.


Starting this week, community members will be able to subscribe to the official Magic channel. Subbing to the Magic Twitch channel will grant you cool emotes and a Planeswalker sub badge. People who choose to continue their subscription will get leveled up sub badges as well.

Magic subs can expect exclusive access to members of the Magic R&D team through subscriber-only Q&A’s in Twitch Chat, with additional subscriber-only chats with pro players and casters to come in the future.

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