This Weeks Twitch Community Spotlight will Focus on Tabletop Streams

Each day this week, a different featured broadcaster will showcase their favorite tabletop games in a Community Spotlight slot.

This Community Spotlight was inspired by taking a look at how broadcasters were using Twitch as a way to share their passion for tabletop games.

Streaming tabletop games not only takes a slightly more intricate stream setup, but also a group of friends in the same space to actively play the game.

Twitch is showcasing how these broadcasters take the inviting social element of a ‘board game night’ and share it with all of the community.

This week’s spotlight schedule:

Monday, 8/29 2:00 PM PT TwitchGameNight

Monday, 8/29 7:00 PM PT CritCamp

Tuesday, 8/30 10:00 AM PT EncounterRoleplay

Wednesday, 8/31 6:00 PM PT LateNightTabletop

Thursday, 9/1 5:30 PM PT Playingboardgames

Thursday, 9/1 7:30 PM PT ThursdayKnights

via Twitch Blog

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