There will be a Massive Pokémon Event this Weekend on Twitch

This Saturday February 27th there will be a massive Pokémon event on Twitch. The event will start at 10AM EST, fans can tune in to watch Pokémon discussion, gameplay, and other activities. Starting at 6PM EST on, Twitch will kick off an animation marathon for 24 hours that will include movies, favorite episodes, and animation specials around the clock until 6PM EST Sunday.

Below you can find a quote directly from Matthew DiPietro SVP of Marketing at Twitch:

“The Pokémon marathon is notable for more than being a beloved show that fits perfectly into our community’s wheel house; like the success of Bob Ross’ show on our platform, it affirms the value of Twitch as a destination for linear community-driven appointment viewing. By bucking the notion of binge watching in isolation, it offers a social video experience valued by the Twitch community which is absent from the current media environment. Pop culture has essentially turned over a new leaf with millions watching it happen.”

– Matthew DiPietro, SVP Marketing, Twitch

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