The Twitch Subreddit Will Host An AMA With OP Group CEO Omeed & Team on Friday April 14th

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The OP Group has been around for a few years managing some of the best broadcasters on Twitch.

On Friday April 14th at 1PM PST Omeed and team will hold an AMA on r/Twitch. This is the perfect opportunity to ask any type of streaming related questions you may have – whether you are a big or small broadcaster.

Check the full details out below. We’ll recap some of the best question and answers from the AMA once complete.

Hey /r/Twitch!

I’m personally really excited for this AMA!

A little intro from Omeed about the OPGroup:

Hi! My name is Omeed Dariani. I’m the CEO of OP Group.

We’ve been around for a little over two years and manage fourteen content creators. We provide organizational and strategic services for them, such as managing communication, negotiating deals, handling paperwork, reporting, billing, event planning and, you know, dank memes.

My talented team will be here as well. We’ll try to answer all your questions about the business of streaming.

Omeed and his team have a tonne of insight into various aspects of the business side of being a Twitch Broadcaster. So prepare your questions on Social Media, Marketing, Brand Deals, Sponsorships, Affiliate Deals, Finances, and all the rest!

This is a great opportunity for broadcasters to get a look at what’s ahead of them to prepare for the future. It also gives broadcasters who are are dealing with these things some insight into how they should be approaching them!

To find out more about OPGroup, what they do, their clients and the team. Check out their website!

Get your questions prepared and ask them during the AMA Friday April 14th at 1pm PT
Local time countdown here!


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