The Twitch Subreddit Discusses What It’s Like To Be Partnered With Twitch

Partnership, everything that a new broadcaster hopes to achieve with all the hard work they put in their streams. If you ever wondered what it was like to be partnered with Twitch, the Twitch Subreddit opened a thread discussing on what it’s like and how it is going for said partner.

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Been streaming seriously (almost everyday) for about 2 years. Been around twitch and on-off streaming since around days / very early twitch.

Money doesn’t mean shit since I live in my mom’s basement (LOL) but I’m over 700 subs which is pretty nice.
Good advice: Keep at it, hang out in other streams you enjoy and mingle there, and just embrace the twitch culture. That alone will take you pretty far.


I’m on Twitch for three years, and am partnered for almost two. It’s going well, I’ve passed the 600 sub mark before the Summer, and managed to stay above that number ever since.
More importantly, I think, I’m getting more consistent viewer numbers, no crazy fluctuation as before. At times I had around 300 people watching, and others it jumped to over 1000, but it was not steady. Nowadays, I’m steady in the upper 500’s, with the occasional increase when playing certain games, but nothing fancy. I like that.
I have a community now, with people coming by the stream and hanging out, playing together, solving each other’s problems, and so forth – and two people sent me weed in the mail.

So this year has been quite good so far.

Advice? Well, enjoy playing the games, don’t worry about shit too much especially in the beginning. It took me over a year to get partnered, was denied three times during that year, but eventually things worked out. Worrying about this number or that one is pointless from my experience. Act like you’re playing the game in front of a million people, always. I still do that now.

Just keep having fun, which I think it’s the most important thing, and that enjoyment no one can take it away.

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